“Do not let kindness and truth leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.” (Proverbs 3:3) In a world full of busyness, chaos and overcommitted schedules, it so easy to slip into an introspective mindset, “It’s all about me and what I need”, being concerned only with one’s [...]

Technology, Gadgets and God’s Word

In walks David to his young adult community group one Sunday morning. Like so many Sundays before, he was carrying his iPad, to which he has a rather extreme attachment and hyper focus. David is fascinated and more than intrigued with his tablet and many of the applications loaded on it. He loves technology. Give [...]

Dear Sunday School Teacher

Dear Sunday School Teacher, I am very excited you have agreed to include me in your class. My mom and dad have tried for so long to find a church where I could be included and treated normally on Sunday mornings. Thank you for making my mommy and daddy smile. There are a couple of [...]

Hear It, See It, Touch It, Do It. Love.

Love the Wordless Book, an awesome teaching tool for all ability levels and learning styles. The Wordless Book was most likely created by Charles Spurgeon, the London Baptist missionary, back in the 1800s when he would share the Gospel with orphan children. The Wordless Book is a concept where a page of visual color cues [...]


Each of us is in passionate pursuit of something or someone in life. It’s that object, event or person on which we spend our time, resources and focus trying to achieve or conquer. It could be that bigger home, newer car, dream career or perfect spouse. It might be fame, fortune or a trim/fit body. [...]

The Power of Words

  The past couple of weeks have been extremely challenging. I get ministry is hard; after 17 years, I have figured that out…thriving in disability ministry really is all about balance and making adjustments, as seasons of life change constantly. But I am reminded when I am at my weakest, He is strongest. Recently, however, [...]

A Rich Tapestry

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Eastern Europe to work with local missionaries and church leaders on developing and launching disability outreach and ministry. In one conversation with a pastor (of a growing, relevant church), he stated, “We do not really need a disability program, as God has blessed us with no one [...]

The Homecoming

The Christmas season is a time for many that is marked by joy, festivities, frivolities and fun, a time to share and create new memories with friends and families. It is also a time to celebrate the lavish love of God and His amazing gift, Jesus Christ, to each of us, a gift not one [...]

20 Ways to Calm A Child

1. Dim the lights. 2. Bring the child into a less busy, quieter room. 3. Have the child face a simple wall. 4. Create a “chill-out” or relaxation space, and always have it available. 5. Make sure the room is not too hot; if necessary, turn on a fan. 6. Provide a soft, slow, rhythmic song, humming, or music. 7. Repeat an affirmation [...]

Everyone Needs…

On Saturday morning, I headed off to an early appointment with my neurologist. Because I suffer from a chronic migraine, I’m a frequent visitor of the neurology department for ongoing testings, treatments and injections to lessen the 20+ migraines that come my way each month. As I sat waiting for the good doctor to arrive, [...]