Technology, Gadgets and God’s Word

In walks David to his young adult community group one Sunday morning. Like so many Sundays before, he was carrying his iPad, to which he has a rather extreme attachment and hyper focus. David is fascinated and more than intrigued with his tablet and many of the applications loaded on it. He loves technology. Give him more screen time on his iPad, laptop and smart phone, and he is happy like many of the other different learners in his community group.

On this particular morning, we began a discussion with David and his dad regarding the use of iPads during Bible study, specifically when it is appropriate to have out and on. We came to the conclusion he may have it out and on for communication purposes or to read the Bible. David had no idea there are some very good Bible apps he could load on his iPad. Up to this point, he did not really read the Bible and was not very fond of books, but the screen was different. On his iPad, we loaded the “You Version” Bible app. (thank you Craig Groeschel and the LifeChurch team for creating such a wonderful resource). He was so enthralled and began reading the Bible five times a day when preset alarms went off. No matter what he was doing during the day or evening, he would stop and read the Word when the alarm went off. His dad, who was not regularly reading the Word, took notice and became so inspired by David’s newfound routine and love for the Word that he began to read the Word as well. David was teaching his family spiritual disciplines and changing their lives as they grew to know and love Jesus more.

Use gadgets, technologies and apps to teach to a generation that spends so much of their time in front of screens. Varying modalities and offering different resources helps all; and, by doing so, we reach different learners with the Gospel Message.

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