Dear Sunday School Teacher

Dear Sunday School Teacher,

I am very excited you have agreed to include me in your class. My mom and dad have tried for so long to find a church where I could be included and treated normally on Sunday mornings. Thank you for making my mommy and daddy smile.

There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you about me so we can both enjoy this new inclusionary experience. Please treat me like any other child my age even though I have special needs. Do not use baby talk or single me out. Let me blend in with the other students. I am more like them than different.

My parents know me the best. Ask them questions, and then listen. Work together as a team when you have a challenge about my communication needs, behavior plan or supports I will need in order to have success in your classroom. Together we can figure it out.

Because I do not talk, I often tell the world my likes and dislikes through my behaviors. Sometimes my behaviors happen when I am frightened, sick, upset or angry. I am not bad; I am just trying to communicate. We can figure out a solution together.

Treat me like I am capable. I have gifts and strengths. Each child has his or her own interests and talents. While it make take awhile for you to get to know me and my ability level, you will if you stick with it.

Include me in the classroom community. I am a person of value and have much to offer. I too am made perfect in God’s image. God does not make junk.

Be my teacher, and share God’s love and truth with me. I am very visual; please teach the lesson using all of my senses. I will learn and retain more and so will every other student. Don’t be afraid to use pictures and technology gadgets. When you model God’s love towards me, the other students will learn and understand it better, too.

Help me make friends. I know sometimes people say kids with disabilities are not interested in friends. That’s not true. Because I have some social challenges, making friends is hard for me. Encourage group activities, cooperative play and collaborative learning for me to get to know the other students and for them to get to know me.

Remind my buddy not to do the things I can do for myself and to allow me some independence. I don’t want to be coddled. Sometimes it is best if my buddy becomes the buddy for a small group of students and not just my shadow, as I sometimes feel self-conscious and different.

Believe in me, and know God has a plan for me.



Your New Student with disAbilities

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