Hear It, See It, Touch It, Do It. Love.

Love the Wordless Book, an awesome teaching tool for all ability levels and learning styles. The Wordless Book was most likely created by Charles Spurgeon, the London Baptist missionary, back in the 1800s when he would share the Gospel with orphan children. The Wordless Book is a concept where a page of visual color cues helps persons with the Gospel Message. Spurgeon began with only three colors:  black, red and white. Black represents our sinful nature and separation from God. Red is for the blood of Jesus shed for us. White stands for the perfect righteousness given by God to believers. Over the years, early missionaries, as well as Child Evangelism Fellowship, have added other colors, including yellow, green and blue.

As a ministry reaching and teaching different learners, we were on a quest this summer to find creative and interactive ways to teach the Wordless Book concept. Ideas included crafts, jewelry making, food projects, building items, and creating our own Wordless Books, each time hearing, seeing and doing so as to engage all learning styles and abilities. The more senses engaged, the more memorable the learning experience.

The other day we used Legos. Who doesn’t love Legos? Participants heard and saw the Gospel Message in color, which engaged the auditory and visual senses, and then created it with Legos, appealing to the kinesthetic hands-on learner. After completing the Lego creations, participants retold the Gospel Message using the Legos.

Next week, our young adults will be building cheeseburgers using the Wordless Book concept. Once the cheeseburger is built, they will engage the senses of smell and taste as well. Ingredients will include hamburger patties (dark or black), buns (white), tomatoes (red), lettuce (green) and cheese (yellow/gold).

Get creative in your teaching methods, so all learners can grow in their knowledge and love of our wonderful God.

For more information on the Wordless Book, click here.

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