20 Ways to Calm A Child

1. Dim the lights.

2. Bring the child into a less busy, quieter room.

3. Have the child face a simple wall.

4. Create a “chill-out” or relaxation space, and always have it available.

5. Make sure the room is not too hot; if necessary, turn on a fan.

6. Provide a soft, slow, rhythmic song, humming, or music.

7. Repeat an affirmation rhythmically.

8. Lessen noise by closing doors or having the child wear headphones or ear plugs.

9. “Swaddle” by rolling a child in a blanket.

10. Rub or apply deep pressure on the child’s back.

11. Have the child sit in a rocking chair or use a therapy ball.

12. Have him/her jump on a mini trampoline.

13. Have the child do wall or chair push ups.

14. Offer him/her something to suck on, such as hard candy, or applesauce/pudding through a straw.

15. Offer the child crunchy foods, such as a carrots or pretzels.

16. Have him/her chew on something chewy.

17. Have the child do deep-breathing exercises.

18. Count downs.

19. Blow bubbles.

20. Use a weighted vest or blankets.

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