Feel to Zeal

As I reflect on the past summer months, it’s a blur. Time whizzed by:  days filled with therapies, doctor visits, family obligations, errands, ministry and work-related events. I realize I had rushed through summer missing something, yearning for something more with an empty, lost feeling.

I searched inward, looking head on into my state of discontentment, and it dawned on me I had slipped into a state of mediocrity – doing too much and nothing well. This state of mediocrity had slipped into my spiritual walk. Yep, I was in a state of humdrum Christianity. I had become lukewarm at times, just going through the motions without fervor. My enthusiasm for Christ had slipped. The busyness of life and what seemed like never-ending demands on my time as a ministry leader and mom had begun to distract my focus. I no longer had a laser focus; it had gone from laser-like to a dim flashlight. I had exchanged a zealous walk for a blasé, passionless journey.

What I needed was to find that zeal. In Romans 12:11, Paul warns us, “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Easier said than done. What are some ways to keep passion in your walk with Christ? How can you find the zeal?

  1. Pray for God to change your heart for Him, to draw you near to Him.
  2. Prioritize time in the Word and with God; He must come first.
  3. Simplify life – cut out activities; say “no”.
  4. Recharge – plan for downtime
  5. Stay in community with believers

We are called to be zealous about pursuing Christ, which is much easier said than done in this crazy, complicated thing we call life. Staying zealous doesn’t come naturally; it is work and must be intentional. When we are zealous, we serve Him with abandonment. Dare today to serve Him with all you have and all you are.

Help me live my life for you. Help me to be zealous in all you ask of me. Help me to know you, love you, worship you and serve you more each day.

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