The Heart of A Parent

I can’t help but be tickled every time I read the heartfelt sentiments from Ethan’s mom included at the end of this post. See, many people might believe Ethan lacks intellect and potential due to his Autism, but I know differently. I have known Ethan since kindergarten, even before his parents had an official diagnosis for him. Over the years, I have watched Ethan grow into a teenager.

Sure, he loves food, as do most teenage boys; he will hunt down pizza and oreos. Ethan is prone to laziness, as many teens are, and oftentimes needs to be motivated, cajoled, gently coached, and often bribed to participate in activities.

He has his favorite things to do, as do we all. He is a video guy and has a great facination with Mr. Potato Head, a facination only a loyal fan would have, since his adoration began in kindergarten.

Ethan is a young man of few words unless required to use them. It is easier for him to point instead of speak; but since Ethan has language, it is more desirable to have him use his words.

Ethan is special in God’s eyes and in mine. Made perfect by the Master Creator and Image Bearer of God, Ethan is a gift and joy to serve.

Following is Ethan’s mom’s letter to our Access volunteers….

“Thank you to each and every one of you who has been part of Ethan’s church life…

  • You who saw God’s love in him.
  • You who made him smile and you who smiled at him even if it seemed he didn’t care.
  • You who gently stood your ground even if it meant risking an “Ethan meltdown”.
  • You who did his art projects for him (we know he didn’t do it!)
  • You who made him love coming to church.
  • You who braved the cupboard battle with him.
  • You who made him speak when he wanted to make you think he can’t.
  • And last but not the least…you who always hooked him up with Mr. P in his room :D  

Our family thanks you for all you do.  You are in Ethan’s nightly prayers and we are so grateful to have each one of you in Ethan’s life.”

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  1. Susan wrote on June 5, 2012 at 3:14 am

    I second those emotions! esp: “Thank you to each and every one of you … who made him love coming to church.”


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