Jesus Loves You And Me

Every time I watch this video clip of Madison singing her rendition of the children’s classical hymn “Jesus Loves Me”, I smile from ear to ear. Madison’s parents sent in the clip full of gratitude that their precious child is not only loved and embraced in her Sunday school class but is activly learning God’s truths. [...]

Compassion Fatigue

I was doing some reading the other day and came across a term that caught my attention causing me to reflect and want to learn more:  “compassion fatigue”. Sure, I knew what each word meant independent of the other, but I had never heard the two used together. I began to do a bit of [...]

Rest from Stress

  Getting stuck in the cycle of worry is like a dog chasing its tail:  a lot of energy expended and not getting anywhere.  Stuck in the same pattern, unable to move on, and quite frankly, it’s exhausting. That sums up last week for me. As a ministry leader and special-needs mom, my days were [...]