A Leader Worth Following…Am I?

  As I was pondering a leader I know and questioning whether she is worth following, in that moment God convicted me and had me reflect inwardly – What kind of leader am I? Am I leader worth following? What does that look like, and what things should I heed? I have been very fortunate [...]

Girl Time

Every other week, I look forward to the night during which I am able to connect with my dear friend, Janine. Because of the busyness of life and our crazy schedules, meeting more often is just not realistic. Janine is witty, funny, and sometimes quirky, but such fun to be around. She has a passion [...]

Parent Connection

It’s the conversation children’s ministry workers and church staff dread, or at least one of the most dreaded:  meeting with the parents of the child whose behaviors have either become so disruptive or dangerous that they interfere with Sunday school. Oftentimes, we wait and hope the issues get better only to find the behaviors escalate, [...]