Let’s Play…Inclusive Friendships

As more and more children with disabilities are included in our schools, communities and churches, there are even greater opportunities to celebrate one another’s differences.  For a child, friendships can be one of the most rewarding aspects of their lives. Friendships are beneficial to a child—they boost confidence and competence. Friendships help foster social, intellectual [...]

Unqualified (by Guest Blogger, Sabrina Watkins)

Qualifications are one of several key factors to being successful with landing that perfect job in today’s market. Lack of qualifications can sometimes make or break your chance of getting the job you want. Recruiters scan through hundreds of resumes searching for that one candidate who meets the qualifications.  Luckily, serving isn’t like looking for [...]

Tent Talk

  In walks young David, in full camouflage military gear. He was ready to lead his troops into battle and victory on Sunday morning in the midst of his Sunday school class. David is one of our Beautiful Blessings children: 13 years old, weighing all of 50 lbs soaking wet. David is bright and articulate, [...]