A Fresh Perspective

Guest Blogger,  Sheena Austria, our Access Future Leader, has been with us for three months. Here are her thoughts, reflections, and lessons. 

A Fresh Perspective

Three months is ninety days, 2,191 hours, or 7,889,231.49 seconds—and it all goes by in a blink. But time is an interesting concept. Trying to squeeze and clench time is like gripping a handful of water:  always a futile attempt to keep something for a little bit longer. As the droplets of water have run down my fingers and palms these past three months, the Lord has truly transformed me, changing my heart a lot for the past few months to focus not on what is fleeting, but on what is lasting.

Yes, it’s true that time is not lasting. But in the eyes of God, brokenness is not lasting either. Because of sin, we are all broken, whether we are a man or woman, old or young, typical or with a disability. Take one look at magazine covers, celebrity gossip and news reports, and the brokenness is evident. But that brokenness is what we tend to focus on. And unfortunately, when interacting with a person with disabilities, people (myself included) are quick to focus on the disability, or what makes him or her different.

However, by the grace of God, I am learning to focus more on what is lasting. What lasts is the love of Christ that overwhelms our brokenness. What lasts is what Christ did on the cross, so that we can focus on His grace more than our own depravity. What lasts is his or her relationship with Christ. What lasts are his or her strength and joy, both of which humble me in astonishing ways. What lasts are the ways families adjust and become strength for one another. What lasts is his interest in the leather back sea turtles and marsupials in Australia. What lasts is his obsession with watching trains at Quantico. What lasts are his prayers for the same friend every week. What lasts are his genuine feelings of compassion and care towards his friend, shown in the ways he cares for her and tries to feed her, even though he cannot feed himself. What lasts are her firing questions, the ones that indicate her genuine desire to get to know people. What lasts is the friendship that each of them has graced me with, a friendship that has molded and shaped me in so many incredible ways.

These are the things that will transcend time. These are the lasting things that bring joy to the heart of God. These are the things to fix our eyes on—the lives and passions that the Lord of Lords cherishes and loves more deeply than you and I can imagine. 

“For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.”

Hebrews 13:14

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