Communicating And Collaborating with Parents

How do we as church leaders communicate with parents who have not been forthright with information regarding their children’s disabilities or unique needs? ”Help! We have a seven-year-old boy in the elementary Sunday school program who is nonverbal, makes no eye contact, spins objects nonstop on the table if allowed, does not participate in any activities with children or [...]

That Bites

CeCe sat in a large group surrounded by music and all the chatter and movement of her second-grade classmates. CeCe began showing signs of becoming overwhelmed as she rocked in her chair, started making noise, and covered her ears with her hands. There was so much other activity that no one noticed until the little boy next to her [...]

The Wandering Child

Many parents of children with developmental delays or intellectual disabilities, such as Autism or Down Syndrome, go to great lengths to keep their children safe from wandering off or darting away from home.  The official term for when a child takes off like that is “elopement”. Homes have been equiped with all kinds of additional [...]

Taking the Plunge!

Finally taking the plunge into the blog world.  After months of being asked, “Do you have a blog?” or being told  we should have one, Access Ministry is ready to go! There is a great need to encourage church leaders, kidmin (children’s ministry), and family pastors to become inclusive with intentionality. The idea that just making Sunday [...]